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Seymour T Bryan

Name: Seymour T Bryan

Occupation: Biomedical Engineer

Profile: Mr. Bryan is a Biomedical engineer trained by the United States Army's Biomedical Institute. He is also a Vietnam veteran. He has extensive biomedical service experience working for the United States Army. He was an inspection and services engineer in the Biomedical Engineering Department from 1972-75.

Mr. Bryan was employed at City University New York: he was a Research Assistant in the Health Care Technology Section. He was involved in the designing of physiological simulators from 1976-80. Mr. Bryan has worked for the VA Medical Center, where he was in charge of inspections of biomedical electronic equipment. He was the main consultant administering the inspection of the medical equipment involved in the Biomedical science department from 1982-85.

Mr. Bryan did extensive research in Biomedical Engineering while he was working at Doctors Hospital in New York. He was the Head Safety Inspector in the Department of Electronics Engineering from 1985-88. Mr. Bryan was employed at Lincoln Medical Center where he was the Director of the Biomedical Department. His main role was the inspection of equipment and issuing Safety Certificates from 1979-82. He was the Safety Inspection Engineer at NYC Health & Hospital Corporation; he was involved in setting up biomedical repairs for equipment there.

He gave staff training for the usage of different equipment on many occasions. At present, he is the CEO of a Biomedical Equipment Company, Instrumed International Inc. MedCA is benefiting from his experience and the knowledge that he has gained over the years. Mr. Bryan has received The Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service. Seymour Bryan has been on the MedCA advisory board for three years. We appreciate his hard work and input that has helped MedCA become the fine certification agency that it is today. We are highly grateful for his passion and dedication within our organization. MedCA is pleased and proud to have Mr. Bryan on our advisory board.

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