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Choose to Become Certified Rebecca Jackson, CMOM, CAHI, CBCS There are many benefits to becoming certified in the medical field. The most obvious benefit is that some states require certification in particular areas of healthcare. But if certification is not mandatory, one should desire to become certified personally. Individuals should want to broaden and/or deepen their understanding of their field because they take pride in that knowledge. They should want to demonstrate their commitment to the ever-changing medical world and show employers that they are interested in these changes and want to improve themselves. Choosing to become certified reveals that one is competent and can uphold the standards set forth by, and meet/exceed the guidelines of, the certifying agency. Certification means one is responsible and ethical, aware of the certifying agency’s reputation, and will uphold these truths. Another advantage mentioned in the previous paragraph, is the certifying agency itself. The organization will provide opportunities to network with other medical professionals currently in the field. These opportunities may lead to new positions or career advancement. Many organizations post job openings right on their website, which are only available to members who are certified, as well as provide newsletters, workshops, etc. specifically for interested members. Professional individuals should want to support their colleagues in the field and can do so through certifying with an appropriate agency. The more connections one can make especially being a role model or mentor the better possibility of reaching long-term career goals, even when the job market is failing. Certification lends itself well to those looking to increase income, compensation, or benefits in their present place of employment. Ultimately, this results in greater success in their chosen profession. Becoming certified may lead to more desirable positions within the company and promotions. Having a certification on a resume puts that resume above all other applicants who did not choose to become certified, thus opening more doors for the certified applicant that will lead to more opportunities. This fact gives applicants a hefty advantage when applying for jobs over those not certified. The less experience one has in the field, the more important having a certification can become. The final benefit to consider is that almost all organizations require the certified individual to acquire continuing education of some sort, usually so many hours per year. Maintaining the certification demonstrates a higher level of knowledge about the medical profession as well. Obtaining continuing education proves that one desires ongoing enhancement of their knowledge and skills. There are no disadvantages to becoming certified in the medical field.   Sources used:

Article added by : Rebecca Jackson

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