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Keeping Certification Current by Recertification

MedCA’s Allied Health Certifications are effective for two years from the date of testing. This two-year-time frame accomplishes the following:

  • Makes certain that certificants advance their education within a reasonable period relative to changes in the profession and/or technology.
  • Assures that the certificate holder has ample time to study and further their knowledge, as well as keep abreast of changes in their field.
  • Establishes a standard of continuing education and advancement for the certificate holder.

The Continuing Education requirement through MedCA is satisfied by studying the recertification materials, which consists of three continuing education studies, each of which corresponds to three Continuing Education Units (CEUs), supplied by MedCA, that are consistent with state-of-the-art professional requirements, and answering a series of questions about each. Those who answer a minimum of 70% correctly are recertified. Policies for Continuing Education are established by the MedCA Certification Board.

Continuing Education can also be achieved by obtaining outside credits, meaning you do not need to go through MedCA to obtain continuing education credits. You must have at least nine (9) credits of outside study to obtain recertification by MedCA.

For outside credits to be accepted the certificate holder must submit the course they attended, the name of the facility attended, the dates and attendance record which shows the number of hours. At least nine hours of continuing education is needed to be accepted by MedCA for outside credits. Please allow 30 days’ review time for a decision by MedCA on the acceptability of outside credits.

The allied healthcare field is in constant change and all healthcare professionals must stay current with those changes. Education taken outside of MedCA or through MedCA are both convenient ways to keep the Allied Health Certification current.

Continuing Education through MedCA is available in paper/pencil by mail format or online. Certificate holders should contact MedCA via phone or email the month prior to the expiration date of their certificates to request a recertification packet.

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