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You have three options you can choose from to start your recertification process

  • Online
  • By Email
  • By Mail

1. Online : If you already have a MedCA recertification online account, login here: Click Here

If you are renewing your certification for the first time, contact MedCA for your special access code if you have not received one by email already. You Can Contact MedCA by Phone at 516-868-6800 or By Email at

Once you have Your special access code, you need to create your new recertification account below:

After logging in, go to Catalog and add the recertification package in subject(s) you are certified in into your shopping cart.

Once you checkout and purchase the recertification package, you will immediately have access to read three continuing education studies and answer thirty multiple-choice questions.

You can login to your account as often as you wish to complete your recertification. There is no time limit.

The recertification fee online is $149*.

2. By Email : Contact MedCA by phone at 516-868-6800 or by email at to request a recertification package to be emailed to you.

The recertification fee by email is $149*.

3. By Postal Mail: Contact MedCA by phone at 516-868-6800 to order a recertification package to be postal mailed to you.

The recertification fee by postal mail is $159*.

*There is an additional $35 fee if your certificate is expired for more than one year.

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