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As a MedCA certificate holder, it is required that you recertify when your certificate expires in order to maintain your status as a certificate holder. Recertification is easy and low-cost. Just call or email our office and ask for a recertification package.

If your certificate expires, you can no longer use it. Recertification is possible within one year following the expiration of a certificate, for $99. If it has been more than one year, the candidate must pay an additional $35 reinstatement fee. If a certificate has been expired for more than three years, the certificate holder must retake the certification exam.

The recertification process provides the certificant the opportunity to demonstrate the reinforcement and expansion of knowledge and skills while providing recognition to the individual who demonstrates ongoing professional commitment and development.

Call the MedCA office at (516) 868-6800 for information on taking a recertification test.

Upon passing the recertification test, you will receive new full-size and wallet-size certificates.

Note: Cost of re-certification is $99.

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