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    The importance of Certification

  • MedCA was established independently so that schools can offer an opportunity to students and workers by providing certifications in the Allied Health fields.
  • MedCA validates the competency of individuals by examination upon meeting criteria.
  • Each person must meet exam requirements and then pass the examination in order to earn a certification.
  • MedCA certificate holders must be recertified each year in order to keep their certification valid.
  • MedCA’s goal is to be the recognized leader in certification and healthcare testing in the USA. We will always continue to develop programs and implement testing as a means to enhance the careers of healthcare professionals.
  • MedCA will continue to strive to be the vanguard for today’s healthcare professionals.

Fees paid to school, instructors or proctor

  • MedCA pays a proctoring fee per student for testing to the school, instructor or proctor giving the exam.
  • Fees are paid on the last day of every month. Your check will arrive the first week of each month for the candidates tested. Please call us at 516 868 6800 to discuss your fee schedule.

Testing Candidates have two payment options

  • They can apply and pay online at our
  • You can collect payment from them (check or money order) and mail it to us attached to their registration forms or answer sheets.

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